Ask Cary: Scent + Breakups

June 13th, 2014

We get all kinds of questions about essential oil therapy, and Cary makes sure to answer each and every one of them. Recently, we realized that those answers were only going to the person who asked the question. You know that at 21 Drops we believe that sharing is caring, so we decided to do a weekly roundup of some of the Q’s & A’s to help you be your best self!


This week: Scent + Breakups




Question: I’m very intrigued by these products and can’t wait to try them, but do they do double-duty? Could I use them as perfume as well? Or are the aromatics simply for the effects they have on your body?

Answer: Essential oils are very powerful healing tools on many levels. They are complex oils with many properties. While they may smell good, they do have other benefits. The essential oils we use in our blends are therapeutic quality, which provide both physiological and emotional benefits. What most people don’t realize is that while our therapeutic blends have beautiful scents, the scent will not last as long as a perfume because we do not use any additives in our products. Rather, the oils are meant to absorb quickly into the skin and get to work immediately. If you are looking for the most “fragrant” and uplifting blends, I recommend Strength, Passion, Equalize or Uplift.


Question: What would you recommend for a heavy heart? A recent breakup has left me feeling great loss and sadness.

Answer: I feel for you in your sadness. I knew that feeling all too well when I lost my mother 15 years ago. That was when I first created my Carry On blend. The oils in this blend really helped me to connect with my inner sadness, be ok with it, but then also supported me to move forward through that difficult time. That is the blend I would recommend for your situation.


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