Are Your Essential Oils as Pure as You Think?

May 20th, 2014

There are 3 types of essential oils currently being sold on the market:

1. Food Grade: used for food flavorings (think Peppermint for toothpaste, Lemon for iced tea drinks, or Ginger for ginger ale)

2. Cosmetic Grade: used for scenting cosmetics (think Lavender soap or Rose-scented perfume)

3. Therapeutic Quality: used for treatment and wellness (think Eucalyptus for colds, Cardamom for detoxifying, or Ylang Ylang for stress relief)

Food Cosmetic Therapeutic


How are they created differently, you ask?

It’s all based on time and temperature. When large amounts of plant material are gathered to be steam distilled to extract the essential oil, the distiller for the food and cosmetic grade uses higher temperatures and a quicker turn around time. Mobdro Therefore, they are not extracting all of the precious minute components that a slower distillation at a lower temperature can produce.


What’s the best way to tell the quality of an essential oil?

GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry… so we’ll just continue to refer to it as GC/MS) testing provides a comprehensive collection of the active components in a specific oil. These reports spell out the actual chemical makeup of that particular batch as well as noting the region, harvest date, and distiller. It is possible, and more common than you may think, to “adulterate” essential oils with synthetic components to enhance their smell. This addition of unnatural chemicals would show up in a said GC/MS report, as well any pesticide chemicals used in the production of the plants used for distillation.

Lavender GC MS Test

GC MS test results of Lavender


Why is it so important that the oils you use are therapeutic quality?

While everyone should strive for therapeutic quality for all purposes, it is of utmost importance when you are using them to make yourself feel better, Mobdro APK Download both physically and mentally. This will ensure that the oils are safe, unadulterated and effective. Fragrance oils and synthetics can cause side effects such as allergic reactions or headaches, thus strive for the highest quality available. Requiring companies to provide GC/MS reports of their essential oils will help to increase the standard on the market here in the USA.


Not everyone has to be an expert on essential oils to request high quality. Simply ask the company you’re buying your oils from if they perform GC/MS testing or checkout these third party testing results. You will find that using higher quality essential oils will bring about healthier results!


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