Aphrodisiacs: Essential Oils

February 11th, 2016

Essential oils are used for treating many physical and mental health ailments and using them as an aphrodisiac is no exception, especially during this month of love. Here are some essential oils to use to enhance the romantic spirit and get you in the mood by freeing the mind and opening your heart.

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Natural Passion

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Rose Absolute Essential Oil

This exotic and sensual oil harbors emotionally-uplifting and liberating properties to help you feel open and free of any internal tension. This emotional effect will help you release insecurities or anxieties that inhibit you from experiencing true love.

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Jasmine Essential Oil

Known for its floral and exotic aroma, Jasmine helps to relieve any pent up stress, allowing you to release inhibitions in order to heighten your romantic experience and free your mind of worry.

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Sandalwood Essential Oil

With a woody, warm and radiant aroma, this seductive essential oil can help to calm the mind, thus eliminating mental boundaries that trap the spirit of self expression.

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