An Awesome Tree Trek for Arbor Day

April 26th, 2013

Maple, oak, pine. The trees we see everyday are fantastic. But there’s nothing like the exotic to make us appreciate the commonplace.

In honor of Arbor Day, we’re showing off 7 of the most strange, spectacular and stunning trees we’ve ever seen!

The Octopus tree. Nuff said.

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

This “Needle and Thread” tree was shaped by horticulturist Axel Erlandson in the 1940’s.

photo credit: Richard Reames

This uniquely shaped Madagascar Baobab tree is also known as the upside-down tree, monkey bread tree and bottle tree.

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


This bark of this surreal Rainbow Eucalyptus sheds at different times, exposing a bright green inner bark, which matures and changes to give the tree its distinctive colorful signature.

photo credit: Forrest and Kim Star

This curious evergreen tree, which grows bulbous brown fruits, is aptly named the Cannonball tree.

photo credit: Drew Avery

Native to South America, the Blue Jacaranda is fully embellished with the most magnificent violet blooms.

photo credit: Frank Reyes

The Tree of Life stands in the heart of Bahrain’s desert. This wonder of nature is over 400 years old and is the only tree in this area — it mysteriously survives in a place completely free of water supply.

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


Which of these marvelously bizarre trees is your favorite?

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  1. barbara says:

    I love all these trees but I have to say the Blue Jacaranda is very impressive unless you park under one. LOL they sure can make a mess over night.

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