A Mother’s Day Message + WIN 21 Inspire!

May 10th, 2013

Moms: They love us, they support us, and most of all — they INSPIRE us.

To her daughters, Cary Caster, 21 Drops founder, is first and foremost an inspiring mom.

Here they share a heartfelt Mother’s Day message.

Our mother, Cary, is an incredible woman. All that she is and does is an absolute inspiration to us. She is loving, tender, and selfless.

We are forever grateful that our loving mom taught us the proper way to approach health and wellness. Her passion for essential oil therapy is deeply rooted in a desire to heal, educate, and inspire others to embrace a more natural, healthy way of living.

 Her passion for healthy living has taught us to respect nature, care for the environment and our be attuned to our bodies. Thanks Mom!!!

— Jennah and Lana


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