6 Yoga Poses & Techniques to Help Seasonal Allergies

April 23rd, 2015

We all know allergies are almost unavoidable during the spring and summer months. Adding a few yoga poses to your arsenal of allergy fighters is a simple and natural way to relieve blockage and build-up.


Here are a few inversions, backbends and breathing techniques that can help you breathe easy.


Inversions: Can help to open the nasal passageways and improve drainage.

1. Plow Pose helps release tension at the base of the skull and back of the neck, where pressure tends to build. Hold this pose for about 5-10 breaths to release this tension, which will help reduce blockage in the nasal passages.



2. Shoulder Stand is great if you are seeking a deeper, more challenging inversion to relieve congestion caused by allergies. Hold this pose for about 1-2 minutes to improve drainage in the nasal passages.



Backbends: Can help to open the chest and lungs.

3. Bridge Pose is great for those who are looking for a gentle pose to help expand the lungs and chest. We recommend holding this pose for 5 breaths.



4. Wheel Pose is a deep, challenging backbend for those seeking a more advanced yoga practice. This pose should be held for 3-5 breaths and will open up both the chest and lungs.




5. Fish Pose is a wonderful way to open the chest, lungs and throat. Holding this pose for 3-5 breaths will help open and expand your airways.



Mindful Breathing:

6. Alternate Nostril Breathing, known in the yoga world as Anuloma Viloma, will help to create more balance between both of your nasal passageways. This breathing technique can assist in clearing old air out of the lungs and release toxins from the chest.





How to properly execute Alternate Nostril Breathing:

1. Inhale once normally and exhale.

2. Close off your right nostril, and inhale through your left nostril.

3. Close off both nostrils and hold for one breath, then exhale out of your right nostril.

4. Inhale through your right nostril, and then close both nostrils to hold for one breath.

5. Exhale out of your left nostril.

This will complete one round of Alternate Breathing. It’s recommended to perform 3-5 rounds before sitting quietly in a seated meditation.


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