6 Ways Ho Wood Essential Oil Can Help With Headaches!

April 2nd, 2015

Cinnamomun Camphora ct linalol, more commonly known as Ho Wood, is very similar to Rosewood essential oil, however Ho Wood is considered to be more renewable and sustainable.



Here are 6 ways Ho Wood EO can help you avoid or ease headaches: 

1. It’s emotionally uplifting and calming to the mind.

2. Ho Wood contains a high percent of linalool, which supports the immune system. This can help avoid allergies that can cause pesky headaches.

3. This essential oil helps to fight infections in the body, such as colds and flu that are often a cause of headaches.

4. It works as a sedative, which supports sleep. We all know a lack of sleep can cause some serious headaches.

5. It is known to reduce inflammation, spasms, muscle and joint pain.

6. Ho Wood essential oil is a mood booster, so it can help you avoid tension headaches.


For a quick easy solution try our Headache Blend, and if you have any additional questions on how to use Ho Wood essential oil, ask our founder.

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