5 Ways to Get Moving for Summer

May 20th, 2013

 Kickstart your summer workout routine with these 5 simple tips to get up and running fast!

1. Grab a buddy. Establishing an exercise partner will give you the accountability and the support you need to stick with a workout regimen. That perfect “buddy” could be anyone – your best friend, your canine pal, or even a vial of our 19 Will Power to carry with you on your 5k – remember to apply as necessary!

2. Treat yourself. Put a reward system in place to get motivated and stick with it. Give yourself an at-home spa treatment, purchase a new pair of earrings or buy yourself some flowers for every week that you maintain your desired activity level. The key here is to make it something that will drive you to finish the workout.  Anything goes; but please steer clear of any motivational tool that resembles a pint-of-Haagen-Dasz…

3. Work hard, play harder. Instead of forcing yourself to do endless miles on the treadmill, find a form of exercise you love and you’ll be much more likely to stick with it.  Try a hike in the woods, a round of tennis or just pop in a yoga DVD in the comfort of your living room. The goal is to get your body moving – gym membership or not!

4. Clear your calendar. Set a time for your workout and let nothing else intrude. Whether it’s 30 minutes twice a week, or an hour each day, make your designated exercise time sacred. Keep that appointment like you would any other.

5. Object-ify. Sometimes you just need a little swag to get yourself up and running. Whether it’s designer yoga pants, a pink set of hand weights or a pretty little vial of aromatherapy (we recommend 01 Invigorate), get yourself a talisman to help you get active.

Tell us, what’s your preferred form of exercise?

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