5 Ways to Disinfect Your House Without Chemicals

September 17th, 2015

Keeping your home clean and germ-free is always a daunting task, especially during cold & flu season. Here are a few simple suggestions that will help you disinfect your house without using any chemical-based cleaning products.


essential oils



1. Using All-Natural Cleaning Products:

Instead of using Lysol or other chemical disinfectants, try making your own natural antimicrobial mist with essential oils. It’s a simple, easy and effective all-natural solution that will help keep your home germ-free and clean. If you don’t have time for DIY there are a few amazing store-bought brands that we love: Click here.


2. Diffusing Antibacterial Essential Oils:

Many essential oils have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Diffusing them in the home is a great way to ward off pesky germs without chemical products. Ho Wood, Eucalyptus and Ravintsara are great essential oils to diffuse.download Shape of a Surface movie


3. Opening Windows:

Airing out your home will help clear the dust and bring better air circulation into those musty spaces.


4. Take Your Shoes Off at the Door:

Shoes track in tons of dirt. Making it a habit to take them off at the door will help keep your home cleaner and healthier.


5. Clean your Air Ducts/Filters:

Dirty air ducts and filters can fester and spread germs throughout your home. Keeping them clean will help prevent everything from illness to allergies and help you breath easier. Try sprinkling a few drops of Orange essential oil on your filters the next time you change them. This will help purify the air while circulated a nice, citrus scent throughout the house.

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