5 Reasons for Having an Essential Oil Diffuser & What Makes Ours Best in Class

December 13th, 2016
Dear friends, family and clients of 21 drops,

Introducing our most anticipated launch of the year – just in time for Holiday gatherings!


Our NEW 21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy Diffuser is now available online and at our Delray Beach location. After lengthy research & development, we are excited to bring you the best nebulizing diffuser for your home or office.

PLUS, we’ve created essential oil therapy diffusing oil concentrates that you trust and love in 3 of your favorite blends to fill your entire home and/or office: #09 Focus, #11 De-Stress and #04 Detox. We want you to be able to experience that feeling you get when you first walk into a spa right in your own home or office! It’s relaxing, powerfully therapeutic and tranquil!

As I sit here in my office while our 21 drops #09 Focus Diffusing Oil Concentrate steadily streams out of my new diffuser, I am excited and inspired to share the features we believe make ours the best essential oil/aromatherapy diffuser in its class. Here’s our reasoning for why we selected this particular model to call our own!

Top Reasons for Having an Essential Oil Diffuser:


1. You know that relaxing feeling you get when you walk into a spa? We can’t afford to wait for a spa day to feel more relaxed. Cultivate new ways to inspire relaxation at home.


2. Essential oil diffusers provide a healthy way to self soothe to those experiencing asthma, depression, chronic/acute pain, and other ailments that affect our health and emotions.


3. Essential oil diffusers offer a healthy alternative to create an atmosphere of cheer, warmth and comfort at home or in the office without the synthetic chemicals that most candles produce.  Candles made of paraffin wax create highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned (both are known carcinogens).

5 Reasons for Having an Essential Oil Diffuser & What Makes Ours Unique

4. You can target an ailment or mood adjustment while making your surroundings smell inviting to others at the same time. What candle can you say that about?


5. Instead of having a candle that you change out infrequently, have new and exciting experiences that make life more interesting by switching out your scents as often as you change your socks. We currently offer our Essential Oil Concentrate & Diffusing oils in detox, de-stress and focus. Try one or all three.

Common Dislikes of Traditional Diffusers:

  • Diffusers that use water.
  • You end up breathing water vapor and not the essential oils!
  • Spilling water… everywhere!
  • The cleanup!!
  • Many aren’t powerful or effective because you’re inhaling vapor and not the active essential oils!

21 Drops has addressed each and every dislike that traditional instruments have and made the experience of using our diffuser nothing but a pure pleasure! Using nothing but pressurized air and an elegant combination of delicately hand-blown pyrex glass paired with an elegant bamboo base, this nebulizing diffuser is the best choice for those who wish to experience the fantastic aroma and full health value of only pure essential oil. Thanks to careful design that does not contain plastic or emit off-gas, you’re only dispersing 100% natural, undiluted essential oil which means you’re only inhaling powerful, pure aromatic molecules. No heat or water needed!

Why does any of this matter?

Why nebulize? Good question! Before getting schooled at 21 drops, my only criteria for a diffuser was that it dispersed the scent throughout my home and worked when it was plugged into the wall. Needless to say, my expectations were low. Now I understand there many different types of diffusers, namely: atomization, nebulization (that’s ours!), ultrasonic vaporization, heat, fan and evaporative.

Atomizing nebulizers offers the most innovative, effective and problem/solution focused way of delivering pure essential oil molecules via cold jet air pump while preserving the integrity and benefits the essential oils deliver to the body and mind. The micro-fine mist created by this dispension method delivers the longest and most fragrant staying power than any other method. This helps aid in respiratory therapy, mood enhancement, relaxation, air purification plus so much more.

This is a nebulizer that promises to be different than any other diffuser you have used before. The benefits that are in store are immense but if you’re still on the fence on deciding whether a diffuser is right for you or which concentrate you should try with it, join us on the 21 drops Instagram Q&A today (December 13)  where we’ll be answering questions live. Hope to see you there!

-The 21drops team.

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2 Responses

  1. Trudy Perry says:

    I’m currently completing my aromatherapy certification through Aromahead. I’ve always wanted to diffuse in my home, but I own two cats. I know not all essential oils are cat safe. Do you have any cat safe blends?

    • carycaster says:

      Dear Trudy, Congratulations on getting your certification. We recommend using our new diffusing oils (available in de-stress, detox and focus) with a nebulizing diffuser. Cats are more sensitive because they tend to lick themselves more than other animals and because of this, it may be too much for them. Our diffusing oils are safe to use in the home with pets. We do suggest keeping the diffuser out of reach in an area where pets cannot access it.

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