5 Easy Ways to Equalize your Life

March 19th, 2015

The Spring Equinox is one of two times a year when the sun’s rays shine directly on the equator, causing a nearly equal length of night and day. This natural phenomenon is a great metaphor to remind us to create an equal balance in our own lives.




Here are 5 simple suggestions to help you equalize mind, body and soul.

1. Follow the 8/8/8 Rule:

· 8 hours of work

· 8 hours of sleep

· 8 hours of play/personal time

2. Try to start and end your day with 10 minutes of meditation. This will help create a balance throughout your day and clear your mind for a peaceful night’s sleep.

3. Stop making excuses and make the TIME to…

· Exercise regularly

· Spend time with family and friends

· Take a vacation

· Cook dinner at home

· Get outside

4. Everything in moderation. Don’t deprive yourself of small indulgences from time to time… life is too short. Moderate your time, spending habits and food & alcohol intake.

5. Remember to drink more water and eat more greens.



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