5 Easy Ways to Earn Some Serious Karma Points

February 17th, 2015

Instead of punishing yourself for things you shouldn’t be doing, change your prospective! Start focusing on ways to add more positivity to your life and to others around you. Be the change you wish to see in the world (and in yourself) without giving up everything you love. Here are some great ways to earn some serious karma points:




1. Community Clean-Up

· A community garden is a great way to motivate people to create something sustainable and beautiful for their neighborhoods and communities.

· Picking up trash at your local park or beach will help beautify areas in your community where people and families enjoy to spend time outside.

· Creating a neighborhood watch committee will help maintain a safe environment for you, your family and your fellow neighbors!

2. Pay it Forward

·  During those frigid winter months, get a little extra exercise by shoveling your neighbor’s driveway or walkway, it’s a great way to pay it forward.

· Keep your neighborhood’s curb appeal by mowing a neighbor’s lawn!

· Buy coffee for the person behind you in line, you’re guaranteed to make their day sunny and bright, even before they’ve had their caffeine fix.

3. Volunteer

·  The Humane Society is always looking for volunteers to help care and give love to the many animals that occupy their shelters around the United States. Not to mention, they are always accepting food and toy donations!

· Help prepare and serve food at your local soup kitchen.

· Change a struggling family’s life by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, an amazing organization that builds homes for families in need throughout the U.S and internationally.

4. Carpool

· Carpooling is an environmentally-friendly way to reduce your carbon footprint.

· Carpooling can help a co-worker or friend in need of transportation to and from work.

· Remember the more people sharing rides, the smaller amount of cars and congestion on the road during rush hour.

5. Donate

· Start your spring cleaning off right with a generous donation of your unwanted clothes to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

·  Did you know that approximately 1 in 6 people struggle with hunger daily? Donating food to local charities or money to national organizations, such as Feeding America, can help reduce hunger.

· Your time, more valuable than money, can help directly impact people’s lives in a positive light.


Whether you provide a ride for a friend, shovel a neighbor’s driveway or just pay it forward, you can make a positive difference in other people’s lives! So remember, be your best self everyday and the positive karma will come full circle.

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    Hi Cary!
    I just wanted to let you know, I gifted Carry On to a client (she really needed some extra TLC) and she loved the gesture, then she used it and found how uplifting it’s scent was. I look forward to seeing how she does on it.

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