5 Easy Ways to Chill Out This Summer

July 2nd, 2014
As the heat waves start rolling in, we begin to notice an excessive amount of energy in the air. This energy can make us feel restless.  We want to make the most of every beautiful day, so we start to over-work ourselves.




During the summer, our yoga practices naturally intensify and become more competitive.  However, due to the magnification of the weather and our practice, our bodies go out of whack and we feel anxious. Fortunately, there are a few ways to balance out this intensity in both the mind and body:


1. During this time of year, eat foods that are sweet, bitter, and astringent.  Avoid foods that are pungent and sour.


2. Don’t force change on your body. Meet yourself halfway. In your practice, start fierce like you want to, but then slowly start to cool the body down.  Incorporate wide-legged forward folds, and open stances to release energy and heat in your body. Extend your shavasana to at least 10 minutes.


3. Use essential oils. I love these 21 Drops blends: Equalize, Calm, and/or De-Stress.


4. Meditate in silence, and/or visualize cooling imagery, such as ocean waves or the blue sky.


5. Establish comfortable daily routines that allow time for self-care.


Using Drops
About Gisèle Agnew:
Gisèle is a deeply grounded and dedicated New York City based yoga instructor with 500+ hours of certifications and trainings.  Aside from intensive anatomy and asana (posture) trainings, she has received trainings in therapeutics, acupressure, pranayama, and meditation. For more information on Gisèle, visit her website.

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