4 Libido-Boosting Essential Oils and How to Use Them

February 13th, 2015

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we look for ways to boost the passion in our lives. We make restaurant reservations. We plan weekend getaways and spa days. We order chocolate and flowers. We do all of these external activities, but why not kick off this holiday by igniting your inner fire? Whether you are single or have been married for 30 years, the way that we feel on the inside plays a big role in how hot this fire burns on the outside. Essential oils are a great, natural way to wholly immerse yourself in your intrinsic energy and the potential of your desires.





In the spirit of passion, our favorite essential oils are Cardamom, Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood. Cardamom enlivens and refreshes, Jasmine diminishes fears and releases inhibitions, Rose invites feelings of love, while Sandalwood encourages self-acceptance. A blend of these essential oils can work in synergy to release your inhibitions, promote magnetism and heighten your sensuality.


Here are four great ways to use these oils to spice things up this Valentine’s Day:

 1. Make a massage oil

· Add 5 drops of Rose and 5 drops of Sandalwood essential oil to 1 oz of unscented massage oil or jojoba oil, mix and use for a whole-body massage. These two essential oils are wonderful for the skin, too!

2. Add to your bath

· Add 4 drops of Jasmine to .5 oz of milk before adding to your bath. (Remember that oil and water don’t mix, so it’s important to dilute the oils in a fat-soluble carrier before adding to your bath.) This creates a sensual, seductive scent for your evening. Forget your synthetic perfume!

3. Diffuse in your bedroom

· Put 5 drops of Cardamom essential oil in your diffuser and watch results happen with this spicy and enthralling rapture.

4. Make a heart-opening chest rub

· Add 5 drops of Cardamom and 5 drops of Rose to .5 oz of unscented lotion or jojoba oil, mix and rub directly on the chest to expand the joy and ecstasy in your heart.


Remember to always dilute your oils safely to avoid any possible skin irritation.

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