3 Ways to Glow like a Bride (Groom Not Required)

June 26th, 2013

Do we hear wedding bells?


The summer season of matrimony is here. But you don’t need to be a bona fide bride to radiate like one. Follow these 3 tips to get glowing like a bride — everyday!

1. Great skin starts from within. A healthy lifestyle is a must for gorgeous, glowing skin. Exercise and lots of color-rich fruits and veggies are integral to looking and feeling your best. We recommend 01 Invigorate to help you get moving and 20 Abstain to curb cravings.

2. Fake it. Makeup is magic when it comes to giving your skin a brightening boost. “Bridal makeup is all about creating a natural, fresh-faced look,” says 21 Drops staffer and makeup artist, Elisheva. “A good foundation and concealer are the mainstays of a radiant complexion. Try a highlighter on cheekbones and eyelids, too,” she advises. “For eye makeup, stick to shades close to your natural skin tone; overly dark tones can be too harsh. Finish off with a soft pink lip for a luminous look.” Of course, we all know that the best beauty potion is sleep… we know you’re busy busy busy, but please don’t skimp. Try our 18 Sleep; it quiets an anxious mind, soothes and sedates the body and mind. It’s also anti-oxidant rich to help ensure your most glowing skin for your special day (or for every day!)

3. Don’t Forget to Smile. The main reason brides are so beautiful is because they are simply happy! In the words of the always-beautiful Audrey Hepburn, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.” Try our 10 Calm to help keep your cool and 06 Passion engage your most charismatic self.


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