21 Drops of a Mother’s Love…

November 7th, 2012

Barron, Lana, Cary, Rick and Jennah Caster celebrate their grandfather’s 85th birthday in Aspen.

Ideas can come from many places. For Cary Caster, inspiration comes from her kids.

Cary is the creator and founder of 21 Drops. A clinical aromatherapist, Cary is also trained in botany and massage therapy. She believes in cultivating health and well-being naturally.

Family has the power to motivate and encourage us, to help us be our best selves. Cary was concerned about the possible harmful effects that over the counter pills and medications could have on her kids, and so she worked out an all-natural solution through the use of essential oils. Cary’s children were her first clients; she custom blended formulas exclusively for them.

These custom-made creations, which she also shared with neighbors, friends, and clients, were so popular she decided to share them with the world as 21 Drops.

Here Cary shares with us her very personal inspirations behind the 21 Drops blends:


“The 03 Strength blend gives confidence – my daughter uses it right before she goes shark diving!”




Jennah, a grad student at the U of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, researches the roles of sharks in their ecosystem.




“My 08 Pain Relief works on all kinds of pain, from arthritic fingers to swollen ankles. I used this for my children’s injuries (and they had plenty!); on Jennah’s broken leg and Lana’s fractured wrist. My son Barron even used it regularly as a football player, and shared it with his team, too!





“I regularly woke my kids up with the 09 Focus blend wafting under their noses! They loved to apply it before exams and while studying. Now two of them are in grad school and the other a sophomore in college, and they still use it!”




Jennah, Lana and Barron in Martha’s Vineyard, summer 1998.


“Illness can spread like wildfire amongst kids in school. I fashioned the 14 Immunity blend to protect against colds and viruses. When my kids were younger, I put 14 Immunity on them as soon as I heard the slightest sniffle or cough. When the flu was going around their school, they were the only ones who stayed healthy!”



Cary’s customized essential oil blends were designed to help and heal her family’s discomfort and pain – without the use of synthetic medications.

So tell us… do you use natural remedies on yourself or your kids? Share your experience so we can all get inspired!

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  1. Rick C says:

    I use #21 Inspire everyday. I like the scent and it makes me feel good. Also use headache and sleep blends and sometimes hangover!

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