21 drops Celebrates Earth Day 2017

April 21st, 2017

There are so many different ways you can celebrate Earth Day. Thank you for choosing to celebrate with 21 drops. Our company and mission is deeply rooted in the special connection our founder, Cary Caster, has to the earth. Did you know that she is a botanist? Cary majored in horticulture at the University of Florida, studied ethnobotany at Lehman College then managed the Rare Plant House at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden all before her journey with aromatherapy began. The passion for nature that made 21 drops bloom has been with Cary her whole life so in celebrating the earth, we also celebrate our reason for being as a company. But it’s the connection you have with the earth, plants and their healing properties that give all of us at 21 drops the best jobs on earth. You are the ones that fill your cabinets, purses and car consoles with 21 drops because you believe in the connection plants have with people.

We’re proud to say we spend a majority of our time at 21 drops researching and testing ingredients from lands near and far. That’s because we’re the only essential oil brand that uses 100% organic oils and rigorously tests each through a 3rd party GC-MS report. Because we spend so much time concentrated on land, we wanted to switch it up a little this Earth Day by focusing on water. Water is vital for life and beauty so in order to appreciate this amazing, watery planet we call home, we’re sharing ways in which we can respect and admire her more fully.


Preserving and facilitating a clean water supply is an ethical imperative. Currently, there are over 300 million people worldwide without access to clean drinking water. In reverence of Earth Day, we share 3 actions you can take to facilitate access to others in need of clean water.

Facilitate Access for Others

Protect clean water for people and nature: The Nature Conservancy partners with people communities in all 50 states and 30 countries to protect water sources. We believe one of the biggest ways you can make a difference is to educate yourself. If there is one thing you can do today, we encourage you to sign up for the Nature Conservancy’s newsletter to stay informed.

Donate: Water.org has reached 6 million people with access to safe water and sanitation. You can help aid in their efforts by making a donation. We remember being shocked when Matt Damon famously shared the enormity of the problem in this video. that more people have cell phones than access to sanitation and clean water!

Volunteer: Charity Water works builds sustainable, community-owned water projects around the world. Their organization provides transparency to ensure that every dollar donated is accounted for. If you don’t have money to donate now, you can donate time by joining Charity Water’s Facebook group to coordinate communication and efforts with their team. Live in New York City? You can participate by helping with donor correspondence.

Respect Your Water

Choose nontoxic products for the home wherever possible. Harmful ingredients from these products can travel through your drain to water supply. Not only are these products dangerous for the environment, they are dangerous for you. And never, NEVER flush pharmaceutical drugs down the toilet or a drain.

Avoid bottled water. Bottled water may be convenient at times but it’s also created an inordinate amount of unnecessary plastic that pollutes our water and is extremely harmful to the biodiversity of our planet. We’re not about to push some designer water bottle on you here, we just want you to consider something portable and reusable.

Draw: One great scientist to follow today is E.O Wilson who uses “the magic” well as a metaphor for biodiversity: The more you draw, the more there is to draw. We encourage you to continue to draw more information about the earth every day. Live every day like it’s Earth Day with a constant respect and admiration for her beauty. You might follow too many people to count on social media already but if we can encourage you to follow one more to continue to learn about the land and water around you, it’s E.O. Wilson. Check out this article he wrote in the Times last year as a starting place.


Last but not least, we encourage you to marvel a the beauty of the Earth’s beautiful water today. We’re teaming up with Waterlust for a 21-hour Instagram takeover so head over to our Instagram to sea the beauty of it all today. Waterlust is an organization that educates, inspires and drives people to care about the environment as a whole and respect and support scientists and their research. We hope you’ll support them with a follow and share the love!


Love and light to our lady of honor! Happy Earth Day.


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