21 Days + 21 Drops = A Better You!

January 21st, 2013

It’s 21 days after New Year’s… how’s your resolution going?

Conventional wisdom maintains that it takes 21 days to change a habit. We gotta admit, we love this.

Our 21 essential oil blends are the perfect partners to get you through the first challenging 3 weeks of altering your negative habits – and can help you start to form new, positive ones. Whether you want to start an workout routine, banish the blues, or get that job you were born for, we have a unique blend to help with every resolution. Get fit with #01 Invigorate, lose weight with #20 Abstain… 21 Drops offers enough possibilities for you to experience a new blend each day!

p.s. If you’re thinking “It’s only January 21st and I’ve already fallen off the bandwagon!”, no biggie. It’s never too late to start living better. Make up your mind to start today and in 21 days you’ll have made a big step towards a better life. Feel better. Be better.

Have you ever made a permanent change to better your life? Share your willpower secrets with us by leaving a comment!

Need some De-Stress to help with your new resolution?

From now through January 31, we are giving away our #11 De-Stress prestige vial with any purchase made on our website! Shop our blends now!

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