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What’s in her bag? Meet Jennah Caster, 21 drops’ most active brand ambassador!

June 25th, 2017
The summer is heating up which, for many, means their daily arsenal of essential oils is changing to reflect the new season. We met up with one of 21 drops’ most active brand ambassadors to share which products she relies on for a healthy and happy summer. Meet Jennah Caster. She spends more time outdoors than anyone we know working as Waterlust’s Director of Product Marketing, doing rooftop yoga and traveling the world. She’s also a member of the 21 drops family and has been using Essential Oils to to treat everything from a cold to restless nights since she was a small child. Let’s see what’s in her bag this summer…

1. So many college graduates are working in a cubicle on inside a tall skyscraper but you’ve managed to land a position where you are able to scuba dive and be outdoors getting lots of Vitamin D. Lucky!!! Can you tell us about what you do at Waterlust?

Absolutely! I’ve been a part of Waterlust since 2012, when I met two of my best friends at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. We found that we all shared a passion and desire to find a more creative outlet for communicating the scientific research we were conducting to pursue our degrees. We blended water-related science, sport, and art together in a dynamic online film and photography series that would challenge people to consider their relationship with water and the environment and, hopefully, lead to a greater awareness and behavioral change. Over time, we’ve developed Waterlust into a purpose-driven brand that continues to create media to inspire scientific curiosity and an adventurous spirit, as well as sustainable products that support a variety of marine science research and education initiatives. My roles at Waterlust include Part-Owner, Production Artist, Photographer, and Director of Digital Marketing. We’re a small and passionate team that values hands-on learning, creating, exploring, and the human connection between ourselves, our incredible followers, and our valued customers.


2. Can you share tips on which 21 drops products are must haves for spending lots of time outdoors?

I never go anywhere without an arsenal of 21 drops in-tow. For people with an active, outdoor lifestyle, your 21 drops must-haves are Invigorate, Pain Relief, Immunity, and all-natural Bug Spray. Invigorate is great to use and re-use throughout the day for healthy boosts of energy that don’t make you bug out with caffeine jitters. Pain Relief helps reduce swelling, bruising, and pain in sore muscles and tired feet (whether you rock sneakers, flip flops or stilettos). Daily application of Immunity will help boost your immune system so you stay on your A-game, even when it seems like the world is trying to get you sick along with them). And finally, 21 drops’ all-natural Bug Spray is essential to anyone who spends time outdoors where they might encounter bugs and/or mosquitoes. It’s light on the skin, smells incredible, and works like a charm to ward off pesky pests.

3. Tell us more about your use of the All-Natural Bug Spray. How often do you apply the bug spray? How long will a bottle last you? And, last, what do you think of the smell?

My use of natural bug spray really depends on the time of year, time of day, and location I’m in. Living in Miami, I tend to use it often. On our last Waterlust trip to Dominica, I used it at least three times a day (morning, noon and night), since we were in-and-out of different bodies of water (and sweating a lot)! With normal usage during Miami summers, a Bug Spray bottle will last me about a month-month and a half, but basically bathing in it in Dominica, it lasted just about 2 weeks (don’t worry, I brought plenty extra to share with the rest of the team, and they were stoked!) Part of the reason I go through it so quickly is probably how great it smells. It smells and feels so natural, and refreshing! Everyone in the area when you spray it doesn’t shy away, but actually comes over to investigate and try and bum a few spritzes off you themselves! It happens every time.

4. Have a favorite sunscreen?

Absolutely! My favorite sunscreen, and now the only sunscreen my Waterlust crew will use, is RAW Elements ( It’s reef-safe (unlike most toxic sunscreens on the market), made from certified all-natural ingredients, and it provides UVA-UVB true broad spectrum protection, which is necessary for someone like me who spends hours on end exposed to that giant fireball in the sky. Furthermore, RAW Elements is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that protecting your skin long after you get out of the sun. It’s basically the 21 drops of sunscreen: amazing and extremely effective.

5. You’ve grown up around essential oils your entire life. What are some of the advantages you recognize having been exposed to plant science from such an early age?

I appreciate my mother exposing me to EOs at a very early age and attribute my health and healthy lifestyle to her influence. It’s made being healthy second nature. As a result, I’ve never been seriously ill or needed to take antibiotics. I’ve always opted to take a natural approach to proactive, preventative healing, as well as reactionary measures to address any physical or mental ailments. I always joke that I’m a first-hand guinea pig that shows how effective EOs really are to promoting true, lasting health and complementing a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, her passion for pursuing science definitely influenced my scientific curiosity from a young age, and her unwaning desire to use her knowledge of EOs to help people be their best selves has served as a shining example of what it means to be a good and generous person.

6. What essential oils do you recommend to your friends, particularly those who are young and in the early stages of their careers?

I absolutely recommend 21 drops’ Focus blend. I have been using it almost daily for about a decade now and it helped keep me sharp, driven, and on-point through college at USC, Graduate School at the University of Miami and every job, project, and deadline I’ve had since! In a world that drives attention spans down and stressors up, the Focus blend provides instant calm and collected concentration for hours, without the jitters and negative effects of caffeine. That leads me into my next favorite blend to recommend: De-stress! Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, and this blend is an incredible way to support yourself through the physical and emotional reactions that your body goes through when you become stressed. Using this blend daily helps me keep things in perspective and not “sweat the small stuff.” It’s incredible what rolling on and inhaling these essential oils can do to calm your racing mind, lower your heart rate, and help you find perspective in times of stress. Finally, I recommend the Sleep blend. No one can be their most badass self when sleep deprived. Not even Beyoncé! (…well, maybe Beyoncé.) It’s been clinically tested and proven to help people fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling more rested. I keep it by my bedside table and bring it with me on all of my Waterlust adventures.

7. What are your other top 3 essential oil blends?

My other 3 favorite 21 drops EO blends are Immunity (the best proactive approach to health, travel buddy, and why I rarely ever catch whatever bug is “going around”), Strength (what helps me harness and exude my inner confidence), and Invigorate (what helps me motivate and get my a** outta bed to make my early morning Flywheel and Equinox classes, despite the sun laughing that it’s usually not even up yet).