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Frequent Traveler? Try These Essential Oils!

May 20th, 2016

For those of us constantly on the go whether it be for work or wander-lusting, frequent travel can take a serious toll on our immune system. Essential oils are a great way to naturally combat the stresses and strains of travel, jet lag, and germs. Our very own 21 drops founder and clinically certified aromatherapist, Cary Caster, has comprised a list of key essential oils to use throughout your travels:


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Immune Fighters:

Eucalyptus helps to defend against contaminants.

Ravintsara helps to fight “what’s going around” and ease congestion

Ho Wood provides fortification and immune support


Calming Agents:

Lavender helps to reduce anxiety, pacifies, nurtures and rebalances

Frankincense helps to quiet an overactive mind

German Chamomile reduces physical tension caused by stress


Sleep Aids:

Vetiver soothes nerves and helps promote relaxation

Ylang Ylang encourages peace and tranquility

Sandalwood quiets the mind chatter and has proven to create relaxation


Travel Discomforts:


Cardamom eases stomach discomfort

Ginger helps diminish nausea

Sweet Orange helps stimulate digestion and relieves upset stomach

Pain Relief:

Juniper helps reduce pain

Helichrysum stimulates vein integrity and aids bruised areas

Myrrh helps soothe inflamed joints and tense muscles



For easy simple solutions try our 21 drops essential oil blends recommended for traveling: Calm, De-Stress, Decongest, Digest, Immunity, Pain Relief and Sleep Blends.




Can’t Get Your Kids to Focus on Homework? Try Essential Oils!

May 6th, 2016

Getting kids to focus on schoolwork at home is one of the many challenges parents deal with on a daily basis. With so many distractions, let’s focus on a simple phentermine natural solution, essential oils, that can benefit both you and your kids by acting as a natural focus remedy. Use them any time to safely and effectively promote concentration.




Here are 3 essential oils that can help to jump-start your brain without the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals or caffeine:


Rosemary essential oil

Reduces fogginess, great for a natural boost of energy after a long day of school. Help your kids stay on point through their schoolwork with worrying about them bouncing off the walls or having trouble falling asleep at bedtime.


Peppermint essential

Stimulates the mind and helps keep your kids focused on completing their schoolwork effectively and efficiently with a refreshing and positive attitude.


Frankincense essential oil

Induces clarity and a boost of determination to get through those difficult math problems and helps stir up the creative juices for an art project.


Using essential oils, combined with a consistent routine, healthy low-sugar diet, exercise, and frequent small breaks can help kids to maintain their focus without becoming stressed or reluctant to complete their assigned tasks.


Looking for a product that contains all these amazing essential oils? For a simple easy solution, try our 21 drops .