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Get the Most Out of Your Power Nap

July 30th, 2015

Napping is not just for kids. It’s a great way to quickly refuel and energize when you’re feeling groggy or rundown. Many claim the power nap increases productivity, improves memory and heightens your overall mood. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your power T2 Trainspotting 2017 film now



1.  Keep your nap under 20 minutes to avoid sleep inertia. If you feel like you need more sleep, extend your power nap to 50 minutes. Also, remember to set an alarm!

2. Try not to take a power nap in the late afternoon. If you nap at this time of day, you are more likely to fall into a deeper sleep that can leave you feeling sluggish.

3. Before your nap, it’s best to not consume caffeine or foods high in fats & sugars.

4. Find a quiet, comfortable, dark place to take your nap where you won’t be disturb. The darkness helps to increase melatonin, which is the sleep-activating hormone.

5. Apply some calming essential oils to help your body/mind relax. Our 21 drops Calm Blend combines Jasmine, Sweet Orange and Vetiver to make you feel serene, settled and at peace.

6. To complete your power nap, have a good stretch and enjoy the rest of your day without feeling drowsy.


Best Bedtime Mantras

July 28th, 2015

Mantras are driven by the power of sound and vibrations through chanting and repetition of the ancient Sanskrit language. Bedtime mantras are a great way to clear the mind and settle your thoughts to sleep more peacefully. We have some great mantras to use before bed.

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SA TA NA MA (panj shabad mantra)

This mantra promotes balance in both hemispheres of the brain to help you sleep better.

Translation: Birth, life, death, rebirth.

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HAR HAR MUKANDE (Har har makundae)

If you’re feeling blocked or stressed before bed, this is the mantra for you! It helps remove fear and anxiousness so that you are able to relax and get to sleep.

Translation: The infinite creator liberates me. 

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ANG SANG WAHE GURU (Ung sunh wha-hae guroo)

For those going through emotional turmoil, this mantra is excellent for promoting inner peace and well-being.

Translation: The dynamic, living ecstasy of the universe is dancing within every cell of me.

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OM AGASTI SHAHINA (Ōm Ah-gah´-stee Shah-ee´-nah)

Equalize your mind and really achieve true inner peace with this mindful mantra! Sound is power.

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To get the most out of these mantras try listening, reciting silently to yourself or chanting them for about 5 minutes or until you feel calm, balanced and relaxed!

5 Ways Palmarosa Helps with Sleep

July 24th, 2015

Cymbopogon Martini, more commonly referred to as Palmarosa, is a rose-like scented essential oil that can help to act as a natural sleep aid while diminishing anxiety and combating insomnia.

Natural sleep aids

Here are some great ways to use Palmarosa essential oil:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

1. Diffuse:

Using a diffuser to fill your room with the florally calming scent of Palmarosa essential oil at night is a great way to combat insomnia.

2. Bath:

Put a couple of drops in an ounce of milk then add to a hot bath before bed to relax the mind.

3. Use while traveling:

Add a couple drops of Palmarosa to a carrier oil. Jojoba oil is a great choice beacause it’s similar to the natural oils on your skin. Dab behind your neck and behind your ears when flying or traveling to help diminish anxiety that might interfere with sleep.

4. Lotion:

Create your own custom Palmarosa lotion, using 1 ounce of unscented lotion as a base and about 5-8 drops of Palmarosa essential oil. Apply before bedtime to soothe the mind.

5. Roll on pulse points before bed:

For a simple and easy solution try our 21 drops Sleep Blend, that features the amazing calming properties of Palmarosa essential oil!

Discover Wanderlust: Squaw Valley

July 21st, 2015

The Wanderlust festival in Squaw Valley was an amazing journey of self-discovery.

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We were surrounded by the breathtaking mountain landscape of Northern California and by the beautiful spirits of the people attending this magical 4-day event!

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 trailer movie Logan


Whether you’re an experienced yogi or just a beginner, there were classes for all levels and styles. We connected with our core, inner-strength in Seane Corn‘s Vinyasa Flow Yoga 101, let loose in Janet Stone‘s Soulscape: Beyonce- Crazy in Love yoga class with guest DJ Taz Rashid, and learned how to be present and better connect with our breath in Shiva Rea‘s Prana Vinyasa for fluid flow!

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However, Wanderlust isn’t just for the yogis; they also offered a myriad of group classes, including hikes, chanting, meditation and SUP yoga.

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Attendees and the public could explore the Kula Marketplace, teeming with sustainable, healthy products and apparel, or enjoy some delicious organic treats at the food co-op!

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The fun continued into the night with performances by the Wanderlust Spectacular group, Michael Franti and Thievery Corporation.

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The festival’s core mission is to create community and mindful living. All attendees and volunteers were so appreciative and respectful of each other and the environment. From being green to spreading love, smiles and good vibes… Wanderlust Squaw Valley was nothing short of amazing!

7 Bedtime Hacks While Traveling

July 16th, 2015

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep on the road. Time change, noise, sleeping arrangements and other obstacles etoro can get in the way of achieving high-quality sleep. Don’t fret, we have some good travel hacks that will having you catching some good z’s in no time.




1. Pack a Sleep Essential Travel Kit to include:

– Ear plugs or noise-canceling headphones (if you like to fall asleep to music)

– Sleep-promoting essential oils (Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver & Sandalwood)

– Eye mask

– Travel neck pillow

– A good book

2. If you’re traveling to a destination in different time zone:

– Going ahead, plan to settle in early and relax in order to fall asleep earlier.

– Going back, fight the fatigue by going out on the town or hitting the hotel gym to stay awake later.

3. Try to follow your exact or a similar bedtime routine to maintain a bit of consistency and balance.

4. Request a room away from the elevators.

5. Make sure the temperature of your room is set at 60 degrees F for optimum sleep.

6. Try to avoid caffeine before bed to ensure the body is relaxed and ready for sleep.

7. Meditation is a great way to find inner peace when the body is stressed and will help clear the mind.

7 Items to Help you Sleep on an Airplane

July 13th, 2015

The Pan Am era of flying has long passed. Today, traveling on an airplane is always a bit stressful. We’ve all been on one of those 6-hour flights crammed in the center seat in coach. Let us help you prepare for your flight with this list of airplane travel essentials!


natural sleep remedy


List of airplane sleep essentials:

1. Neck pillow– This is a necessity when it comes to getting some shut-eye on a plane, not to mention it will save you from a very sore neck.

2. Eye mask– This comes in handy when you’re next to the late-night reader or on an early morning flight with lots of sun beaming into the cabin.

3. Noise-canceling headphones/ ear plugs– Noise-canceling headphones will allow you to enjoy your nighttime calming playlist without any interruptions.

4. Comfy socks– Planes can get chilly, having a warm pair of socks will help combat any discomfort that might prevent you from catching a few z’s.

5. Comfortable clothing/layers– It’s alright to look trendy and fashionable, but remember to dress for comfort with layers. Make sure to bring your favorite sweater or a scarf in case you get chilly.

6. Essential oils– Remember to have some sleep-promoting essential oils in your carry on to calm your nerves and clear your mind for a few hours of sleep.

7. Reusable water bottle (hot/cold)– Ask your flight attendant for hot water and lemon to help warm and hydrate your body.


Being Busy is Better for Sleep

July 7th, 2015

Being busy isn’t always a bad thing. Having a full, well-balanced schedule can help support a healthy sleep routine, so let’s load up our planners with plenty of fun, healthy activities!



Here are a few activities to fill your schedule:

Fitness: Yoga, barre, cycling, running or anything active helps to support healthy sleep habits.

Meal prep: This takes time and careful planning, but eating the right foods more often than not will keep your body balanced and allow for a more restful sleep.

Get it done before the deadline: P to the Seventh Power (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Production) will keep you busy, but prepared for any bumps in the road. This can lead to less stress and anxiety that can hinder a good night’s sleep.

Volunteering: Taking the time to help your community is a great way to utilize your time and keep busy with a positive spin.

Gardening: Get outside and soak in some vitamin D. Put your green thumb to work!

Making time for family and friends: Spending time with loved ones is always great way to spend your time.

Remember there is a difference between being busy and overloading your schedule. It’s always important to maintain a proper balance in your daily activities. Try following the 888 rule, 8 hours of work – 8 hours of play – 8 hours of sleep, to moderate your time!