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3 Essential Oils to Help Curb those Halloween Cravings

October 30th, 2014

With Halloween just a day away we find ourselves surrounded by the sweet temptations of this spooky fall holiday. We’ve put together a list of 3 essential oils that may help you avoid reaching into that candy bowl.





Whether you’re in need of positive energy or just simply want to avoid temptation, these essential oils will help you fight your inner cravings. They help cleanse the mind, body, and soul, while combating overindulgence.

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A Weekend With Oprah

October 28th, 2014

The entire weekend was very powerful. Imagine being in an arena with 7000+ women and men (yes there were some men!), who took the day to reflect and discover how to live a fuller, more meaningful life!



Oprah had 4 amazing speakers who shared their perspective and journey to empower us to find our own path. These speakers included Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell, and Iyanla Vanzant.


I’ve always aspired to make the world a happier, healthier place for all its inhabitants. Throughout the weekend, I was able to rediscover these aspirations and clearly see how my purpose and passion could work in synergy towards something that contributes to the world in a positive way. Through my brand, 21 Drops, I am able to pursue my passion of using pure plant extracts for their healing properties, and by sourcing high quality essential oils from sustainable farms that contribute to this dream. I am so grateful I am able to share this wonderful healing gift with the rest of the world!


Another one of my favorite moments was when the amazing Elizabeth Gilbert revealed that most stories around the world are based on the Hero’s Journey. She explained that the hero of the story begins an ordinary life, then finds him/herself called to an adventure, but refuses the inner calling for fear of change. Only when the character masters some level of self awareness, does the story end.


I believe the Hero’s Journey is what our lives are all about. We are constantly put to the test to grow and expand our awareness, so that we don’t have to come back to learn the same lessons over and over again!


Another great lesson, and the one I want to leave you with, comes from Rob Bell. He brought awareness to the overwhelming statistic of our universe in correlation to us as human beings to be alive on this planet.  He reflects on how lucky we are to grace this beautiful planet with multi-sensory experiences and how it’s truly a miracle!


Remember this simple fact and begin to focus less on the trivial problems. Make it a practice to live each day in gratitude and appreciation.






For more information: Oprah’s Life You Want

Here You Go, Dog Lovers!

October 23rd, 2014

We all know how important it is to keep our canine counterparts healthy. We want to share with you a few natural ways essential oils can help keep your dog happy and healthy!




Dogs’ sense of smell is stronger and more developed than that of humans. Therefore, when using essential oils on your dog, we always recommend letting them smell the essential oils prior to putting them directly on their fur or skin.


Remember to always dilute oils before applying them directly to your dog’s fur or skin. The area between their shoulder blades is a great place to apply the diluted oil to ensure it is out of licking reach. Other recommended application areas are the top of the forehead, ear pinna, behind ears, and chest.


Here are great ways to use essential oils:

•  Neem, Chamomile, and Sage oil for flea and tick repellent. Also Cedarwood and Citronella can be mixed into a shampoo to keep off fleas and ticks.

•  Tea Tree oil for skin infections.

•  Our 21 Drops Calm Blend fuses the 100% natural essential oils of Jasmine Flower Oil, Sweet Orange Fruit Rind Oil, and Vetiver Root Oil, in organic Jojoba Oil, and can be used during thunderstorms or nervousness.


Remember to start slowly introducing your dog to the blends to ensure they like the smell. Always allow them plenty of space to move away if they don’t like the scent.


For more information:


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3 Essential Oils that Help with Menopause

October 9th, 2014

All women reach a point in their lives when they may struggle with the symptoms commonly associated with menopause, such as, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, and heightened anxiousness. Before you reach into your medicine cabinet or embark on pricey “miracle” therapies, we want to share another option with you: essential oils. We’ve put together a list of three essential oils that help you ease through life’s transformations, naturally.



Whether you’re in need of a renewed sense of self or you simply want to feel revitalized, these essential oils will help you combat the symptoms resulting from menopause and restore balance in your life.

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4 Essential Oils that Help You Sleep

October 7th, 2014

We’ve all been there… tossing and turning, restless nights, too much on the mind. Before you reach into your medicine cabinet, we want to share another option with you: essential oils, a natural sleep aid. We’ve put together a list of four essential oils that help you sleep better, naturally.


Natural sleep remedies


Whether you’re in need of a sleep remedy or you simply want to unwind, these essential oils will help you get that well-deserved R&R. They help to soothe, ease and relax.


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