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How to Travel with 21 Drops

April 1st, 2014

They say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”… sorry Sin City, that’s not the case today!

I recently visited Las Vegas with my husband, sister and her boyfriend to celebrate our birthdays and took my 21 Drops blends along for the ride.

Let me show you why 21 Drops are my favorite travel companion (well, besides my husband):

#10 Calm, #18 Sleep

Calm_Sleep Plane

I’m not the best when it comes to flying, so I always keep Calm in my carry on, but once I realized there was a 2-year-old behind me, my seat didn’t go back and wi-fi didn’t work on our 6-hour flight, I pulled out Sleep for a double whammy!

#19 Will Power


We landed, checked in, threw our bags down and decided it was time to hit the tables (I mean, isn’t that what Vegas is all about?), but not before rolling on some Will Power to make sure no one got too carried away – after all, it was only Day 1, Hour 1.

#20 Abstain

Abstain_smokingkillsWe sat down to play Blackjack next to this interesting dude from London puffing on his Silk Cut cigarettes (btw – check out the huge warning label on tobacco products from the UK).  None of us are smokers, so I made him a deal… if he used my Abstain blend and could refrain from smoking while we were at the table, he could keep it.  After about an hour, he won the blend, and I was up $100!

#01 Invigorate

Invigorate_VegasViewWe decided to head out for a night on the Strip, but not before a little energy boost from my good friend Invigorate!

#08 Pain Relief


Fast forward to 3am (after a full 7 hours of walking, dancing and gallivanting in these 6-inch heels), and it was time to roll some Pain Relief on my poor tootsies, go to bed, and do it all over again!

#04 Detox

21 Drops at Skin 62 21 Drops Sephora Forum Shops

Our next adventure: Shopping! While strolling through the Cosmopolitan and the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, we spotted 21 Drops at Skins 6|2 Cosmetics and Sephora.  Talk about perfect timing – the indulgences of the previous evening were starting to catch up with us – so we “borrowed” a little Detox.

#16 Transform


Jet lag was settling in with this East Coast crew, so some Transform was in order to rid us of our sleepiness and help us restore our vitality.

#09 Focus


Time to hit the casino again, and this time, the name of the game = Poker.  We needed some Focus to make sure we stayed on point and out-smarted our competitors… $600 and a leather jacket from All Saints later… I’d say we did alright!

#06 Passion


No caption required… use your imagination people…

#20 Abstain

Abstain_feastAnd for the final indulgence of the trip… a true Vegas buffet!  I allowed myself two servings, and then put the kibosh on that with my Abstain blend (especially since I was heading straight to the airport).

All in all, it was a great trip, glad I brought my 21 Drops along for the ride!