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De-Stress Makes a Great Birthday Present

March 24th, 2014

“I love 21 drops! I had asked at my local spa if they had any aromatherapy products, and at the time they said they didn’t. Fast forward to a grand opening at the same spa after they had moved to a new location. I saw that they had 21 drops and were giving away samples. However, they were incredibly busy and I left without my 21 drops. ūüôĀ A few weeks later was my birthday and my husband surprised me with a bottle of De-Stress. I use it all the time and never go out of town without it! Thanks 21 drops for a great product. Just what I was looking for!”

– Mary Bussiere

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The Official 21 Drops Countup to Spring

March 19th, 2014

The weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping and flowers are in bloom! It’s our favorite time of year, and in honor of Spring, we have started our countup.

A countup you ask? That’s right! Instead of counting down, we’re counting up to March 20, the official first day of Spring and using our blends to do it:




Inspire helps your imagination soar, stimulating creativity and opening up new possibilities. This blend fuses the proven powers of sandalwood (to support meditation and quiet mental activity), black pepper (to release blocked energy and restore determination), and cedarwood (to support confidence). 

HINT: Great to use when browsing Etsy or Pinterest for your next DIY project!




Abstain combats overindulging and sates cravings so that you feel gratified. This blend fuses the proven powers of grapefruit (to satiate desire and alleviate appetite), juniper (to cleanse, stimulate  and invigorate), and cardamom (to ease the stomach).  

HINT: We love to roll this baby on right before servers bring out the dessert menu.




Will Power jump-starts your drive and resolve, propelling your determination into action. This blend fuses the proven powers of cedarwood (to help increase strength and endurance), ginger (to light the fire, strengthen and encourage resolve), and geranium (to foster a sense of security and stability).

HINT: Perfect for when you’re leaving work and need a little motivation to get you to that 6:30 Flywheel class.




Sleep helps quiet an anxious mind, soothing feelings of restlessness, relaxing body and mind in preparation for a good night’s sleep.  This blend fuses the proven powers of ylang ylang (to relax and encourage peace), vetiver (to soothe and help reduce anxiety), and sandalwood (to quiet the mind).

HINT: Try this guy on an airplane… no crying babies, reading lights or armrest dominators will keep you from some good R&R!




Digest helps settle your stomach and stimulate digestion to eliminate discomfort.  This blend fuses the proven powers of cardamom (to ease an aching stomach), ginger (to reduce distress), German chamomile (to help alleviate nausea and reduce distress), and sweet orange (to help relieve indigestion).

HINT: Roll this directly on to the stomach before and after eating.




Transform empowers you to embrace new opportunities, heightening your adaptability and optimism during life changes and transitions. This blend fuses the proven powers of geranium (to foster stability and security), sweet orange (to encourage receptivity and a positive outlook), and cedarwood (to reduce lethargy and restore vitality).

HINT: Use this blend to battle night sweats, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.




Decongest helps clear passages and reduce coughing, so you can breathe freely. This blend fuses the proven powers of ravintsara (to help remove congestion), eucalyptus (to fight contaminants), and myrrh (to help provide respiratory relief).

HINT: Great for cold, flu and allergy season!




Immunity helps protect you against illness by boosting your defenses and strengthening your system.  This blend fuses the proven powers of lavender (to detoxify the body and ward off infection), rosewood (to provide antiseptic and anti-microbial support), and eucalyptus (to bolster the immune system).

HINT: This one is a favorite among teachers and frequent travelers.




Carry On soothes heartbreak and provides solace when things are tough to handle, allowing you to move on. This blend fuses the proven powers of helichrysum (to heal emotional trauma and deep-seated wounds), sandalwood (to provide protective energy and encouragement), and rose (to soothe grief and help heal the heart).

HINT: Great for breakups!




Uplift is ‚Äúhoney for your psyche‚ÄĚ, helping to shake the blues and brighten your spirits. ¬†This blend fuses the proven powers of¬†helichyrsum (to buoy the spirit and encourage emotional healing),¬†rose¬†(to soothe the heart and ease despair), and¬†lavender (to nurture and balance the emotions).

HINT: The perfect blend for those days when you just need a boost of positivity.




De-Stress reduces agitation, tension, anger and anxiety, helping you move through times of stress. This blend fuses the proven powers of ylang ylang (to support the nervous system and ease panic attacks), German chamomile (to reduce frustration and serve as an anti-spasmodic for tension), and frankincense (to quiet the mind and soften feelings of distress).

HINT: We love pairing this one with Equalize to relax and balance our spirit.


10DaysUntilSpring_ calm


Calm helps you unwind and diminish the drama, promoting your sense of serenity. This blend fuses the proven powers of vetiver (to nurture and restore your nerves), sweet orange (to alleviate fear and frustration), and jasmine (to help relieve depression and support inner acceptance).

HINT: Use before a yoga class or spa visit for a little extra zen. Namaste!


09DaysUntilSpring_ focus


Focus promotes concentration and clarity so you can stay on point. This blend fuses the proven powers of rosemary (to reduce fogginess and revive your senses), peppermint (to stimulate the mind), and frankincense (to induce clarity and reduce distraction).

HINT: Try this guy instead of your afternoon coffee.


08DaysUntilSpring_ painrelief


Pain Relief helps combat immediate and chronic pain to soothe what ails you. This blend fuses the proven powers of juniper (to help relieve aches and stiffness), helichrysum (to help soothe injured muscles), and myrrh (to act as a potent restorative).

HINT: After a night out on the town in your 6-inch Louboutin’s, roll this on your feet and wake up ready to run a marathon!


07DaysUntilSpring_ equalize


Equalize helps stabilize your nerves, calms your heart and eases your mind, bringing you back into balance. This blend fuses the proven powers of frankincense (to encourage emotional healing), sandalwood (to create inner peace and harmony), and palmarosa (to help stabilize the heart and diminish anxiety).

HINT: Not only does this baby balance you emotionally, but try it out before a yoga class and see what new poses become available to your body!


06DaysUntilSpring_ passion


Passion releases your inhibitions, promotes magnetism and heightens your sensuality. This blend fuses the proven powers of jasmine (to diminish fear and encourage zest), rose (to invite feelings of love), and sandalwood (to encourage self-acceptance).

HINT: Makes a great accessory for a night out. Roll on and see where the night takes you!


05DaysUntilSpring_ headache


Headache helps to relieve the cause of your headache, easing discomfort as it soothes your head.  This blend fuses the proven powers of peppermint (to invigorate, cool and awaken), lavender (to pacify, nurture and rebalance), and rosewood (to clear the mind and calm nerves).

HINT: If you are a frequent headache sufferer, use this blend daily to help prevent them before they start.




Detox helps to cleanse impurities, calm your stomach and settle your nerves. This blend fuses the proven powers of juniper (to help flush out toxins), lavender (to soothe the nervous system), and cardamom (to refresh and settle the stomach).

HINT: This blend will be your best friend after a night of drinking ūüėČ




Strength bolsters your confidence and the courage to achieve your goal. This blend fuses the proven powers of rosemary (to boost clarity), rose (to soothe and help heal the heart), cedarwood (to encourage perseverance and confidence).

HINT: Great for when you’re feeling indecisive and need to just take the bull by the horns.




PMS Relief helps balance irritability, anxiety and discomfort, helping to take the edge off. This blend fuses the proven powers of jasmine (to soften emotions), grapefruit (to ease tension and uplift), and geranium (to help balance moods).

HINT: Roll directly on to your stomach to help with cramps!




Invigorate gets the fire started so you can propel your mind and body into action. This blend fuses the proven powers of rosemary (to stimulate the mind), juniper (to energize and invigorate), and black pepper (to enliven, motivate and maximize endurance).

HINT: Use first thing in the morning to get a jumpstart on your day.

We made it! Spring has sprung! Now get out there and smell the roses ūüėČ




The Cary Diaries: Cary Nose Best

March 13th, 2014

After a 45-minute boat ride across Lake Nahuel Huapi, Cary arrived at Victoria Island in Bariloche, Patagonia. It didn’t take her botanical nose long to determine that there were Eucalyptus trees growing somewhere close, and with that, she and her husband, Rick, were off on the hunt. They hiked along the 7-mile path towards the Arrayanes Wood; lo and behold, that sniffer was right. Mobdro About a half hour into the hike, Cary found what she was looking (or smelling) for.


Watch as Cary finds one of her all-time favorite trees:



Discovered by English Surgeon General John White upon his arrival in Australia in 1788, Eucalyptus was initially recognized for its olfactory properties. Mobdro APK Download But soon after, crude distillation of the tree’s leaves would produce an essential oil widely known throughout Europe for its antiseptic, antibacterial, anticatharral and sudorific properties, making it a common choice to treat most respiratory conditions. This oil uplifts, cools and cleanses the mind, body and home.


Eucalyptus oil can be found in our Immunity and Decongest blends.


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The Cary Diaries: Cary Makes an Interesting Discovery in Patagonia

March 4th, 2014


Cary is quite the adventurer. Recently, she and her husband, Rick, traveled to the Patagonia region of South America.  While hiking through the Andes, they came across beautiful Cedarwood trees along the coast.



Cedarwood oil is possibly the first essential oil to be extracted from a plant. ¬†The oils are created by distilling the wood chips and sawdust from the trees, producing a masculine oil, strong and stable, which is often used to anchor a blend. ¬†This isn’t surprising, as King Solomon himself chose Cedarwood, precisely for its strength, to build his Temple in Jerusalem, and the ancient Egyptians applied the oil during the mummification process.


Medicinally, Cedarwood oil is known for its anti-infectious, astringent and tonifying therapeutic properties and has been used as a tonic for the kidneys and central nervous system.  This oil increases strength and endurance, soothes the mind and promotes confidence and perseverance.


Cedarwood oil can be found in our Invigorate, Strength, Transform, Will Power and Inspire blends.

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