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Great Product, Great Customer Service

January 10th, 2014

“I was gifted the #05 Headache blend, upon opening the box the bottle had a small crack and most of the oil had leaked. I contacted 21 Drops via Facebook and they promptly answered and were more than happy to send me a replacement in exchange for my broken bottle. In the meantime, I purchased the Quick Fix sample pack and am loving it. Definitely recommend 21 Drops to anyone looking for quality essential oils that work!”

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Equalize Has Made Me a Believer

January 6th, 2014

“I have been looking into essential oils over the past few months and have bought from 3 other large companies, which I have liked. But when my sister, as a sweet birthday present, got me the #7 Equalize from 21 drops, I wanted to kick all the other oil companies to the curb! The amazing scent, the convenient roller, and the immediate uplift of mood upon applying, has made me a believer. Looks like 21 drops will be my go-to oil company from now on. Good job, 21 drops!”

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