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Sleeping Off Skepticism

October 29th, 2013

“I have never bought into the use of essential oils until I tried your product, #18 Sleep. I received it as a sample from Sephora and am in love with it. I apply it to my wrists at night and sleep wonderfully.”


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Decongest for Flu Season

October 29th, 2013

“As flu season approaches, I keep my 21 Drops Decongest blend with me all the times. It is super handy! I always keep it in my purse and share it with my friends when they are feeling under the weather.”

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Helping with the “Baby Blues”

October 29th, 2013

“I’m a new Mom to a beautiful 7 month old daughter and although being a Mother is an incredible experience, it’s not to say that it also doesn’t come with some obstacles & challenges! Post-pregnancy those initial ”baby blues” carried over past those initial first several weeks and having lost my insurance post-baby, I didn’t have the $300 per session for the Psychiatrist nor did I want to commit to a life of anti-depressants, etc.”

“Being an Aesthetician at a spa where we carry 21 Drops, I considered taking an alternative approach to help manage the mild post-partum depression that I was battling. I gave #10 Calm, #12 Uplift & #7 Equalize a try in conjunction with a few other remedies that we carry at the spa. The results have been remarkable and I am happy to say that I’ve been able to stay out of the doctor’s office and overall feel much more…calm, uplifted, and equalized! I like to take a moment, close my eyes and inhale whichever one I’m using first, then apply to my temples, behind my earlobes, on my wrists and even around my nostrils so that the scent lingers. I was a desperate skeptic at first, but now… I’m a believer!”


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Easing Digestion Problems

October 29th, 2013

“When digestion problems strike, I just inhale and rub some 21 drops digestion on my stomach and wrists. I feel better within minutes, unlike unnatural pills that take a while to start working.”


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Using 21 Drops for Healthy Living

October 29th, 2013

“Growing up, I was the girl that always got sick. Now that I’m older, my lifestyle has gotten so much busier. My school and career life has been surrounded by more sick people and when fall/winter roll around, I get much more weak myself. I recently adopted a new attitude in taking care of myself. I’m a big believer in holistic medicine, including aromatherapy.”

“I use 21 drops, ”Immunity 14” blend and it’s been so great! I use it everyday or when I feel a bit more sick or weak than usual. It’s really help me prevent a cold, everytime I feel one coming on. I can’t thank Cary enough and I’m so glad she has created something like this. It’s literally a life saver. Using this blend has allowed me to branch out into other blends that I use for everyday life. I use ”focus” for extra classes/seminars; Willpower and Strength for workouts, Pain relief for yoga, and PMS for those cranky days. I can’t wait to explore more blends. Cheers to Cary and the 21 drops team!”


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Ending the Insomnia Struggle

October 29th, 2013

“When I was a child I had some fairly traumatic experiences that left me suffering, since, with serious chronic insomnia…I’ve tried many things to aid it with no help. I HATE taking pills just to sleep so I usually just suffer through it and then just crash.”

“I received a sample of #18 Sleep with a recent Sephora order and I was skeptical but tried it anyway.I slept like a very comfy baby and I slept ALL NIGHT. I was floored. Ive used it every night since and I’ve been feeling so much better overall. I love that this has helped me so much. Not only has it helped me, but also my Pug, Daisy…she sleeps just as erratically as I do…I put a little on her pillow mine and we’ve both been sleeping great…she has so much more energy…she loves the smell I have it on my fingers and she keeps smelling them…attached is a pic of my Daisy. Thank you so much for helping us.”



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Curbing Those Cravings

October 29th, 2013

“I was running errands, it was about 3:30pm, I skipped lunch because of all I’d had to do. One stop was to my work place, which happens to be a spa that carries the 21Drops Line. I was ready to gnaw on my hand, so while I waited to complete my business, I rolled on the #19 Will Power and #20 Abstain.”

“Before my errand was finished my cravings were GONE. I was able to make it home without stopping for ”something to get me by until dinner,” which most likely would have been junk. I was able to hold my cravings at bay until I could sit down to dinner with my family at 6:00pm. If someone is looking for that extra boost to drive past the McDonalds on the way home, or to skip the daily doughnuts or ”someone’s birthday” cake at work, this is your combo to help you bolster your resolve, to help you not sabotage your weight control goals and maintain what you’ve fought so hard to achieve! It is effective and safe. No cravings, no pills, no side effects, NO KIDDING!”


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Cary’s Aromatherapy 101 Workshop – October 17th

October 15th, 2013

This Saturday, 21 Drops founder, Cary Caster, will be teaching an Introductory Class in Aromatherapy  at the new 21 Drops headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida. The course will be a hands-on workshop, so come prepared to formulate your own products and learn the appropriate applications of 20 essential oils through evidence-based research. Discover the science behind aromatherapy and how it may be used to support wellness. An overview of aromatherapy, the process of distillation, and information on classifying essential oils’ aromatic chemistry will be presented.


In the workshop portion of this course, you will learn about proper dilution, various carriers, and form factors with their numerous modes of application. The characteristic properties of different oils and how each can be applied as a therapeutic adjuvant for a particular symptom presentation will be discussed; this is the heart of aromatherapy as a complementary modality.

For more information and full registration details, please email 21 Drops at or call their office at 561-212-4216.



DATE: Sat Oct 19         

TIME: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

FEE: $150.00


290 SE 6th Ave

Delray Beach, FL 33483