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Our Favorite Summer Swimwear Trend: Vintage Bathing Suits

July 22nd, 2013
What's hot for summer: retro swimwear

Channel your poolside pinup girl this summer with a 50’s-style swimsuit!

One of the season’s hottest trends, this retro look is ultra cute and super flattering. Try a ruched one-piece, halter neck or a skirted suit in a fun print or a punchy color. Pair with a classic red lip to up the ooh-la-la.

And don’t forget your favorite summery 21 Drops blends in your beach bag! We’d go for 08 Pain relief for post-swim charley horse and 20 Abstain to combat summer Creamsicle cravings.

What’s your favorite summer swimsuit style?

Fresh Summer Salads to Beat the Heat!

July 16th, 2013
I’m a veggie-lover all year long, but when summertime rolls around I’m a full-on salad junkie!
Here are two of my absolute favorite simple summertime salads. Refreshing, easy and heart-healthy – you’ll want to make these tonight!
Stay cool,
p.s. Do you have a favorite summertime recipe you’d love to share? Send it to and we’ll include it in our 21 Drops blog cookbook… and give you full credit! Please be sure to include a photo so our readers can fully appreciate your masterpiece!

                                                                                                                             Make it in a Minute Garbanzo Bean Salad

2 cans or freshly prepared garbanzo beans
1/2 red pepper  chopped
1/2 yellow pepper
1/2 red onion finely chopped
1/2 cucumber – scrapped and chopped
2 tbsp freshly chopped herbs of your choice ( I enjoy oregano and thyme with this dish)
Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Toss gently.

                                                                                                                              Oh-So-Refreshing Watermelon-Feta Salad

                                                                                                                                          photo credit: John Taylor
1/4  small watermelon cut into bite size cubes
1 package Feta, cut into small bite size cubes
1 red onion thinly sliced
1/2 jicama – skin removed and cut into small bite size cubes
1 cucumber peeled and cut into bite sized cubes
(Option of adding thin sliced fennel as well)
Fresh chopped mint to taste (1-2 Tbsp)
Whisk together 2 tbsp of raspberry vinegar and a tbsp of virgin olive oil.
Pour the oil and vinegar mixture over the above ingredients  and gently mix in a large mixing  bowl.
Serve chilled over a bed of your favorite greens for the most refreshing summer salad! (I love arugula with this sweet dish)

We Asked, You Answered: What is Your Ultimate Vacation?

July 12th, 2013


“What is Your Fantasy Getaway?”


We asked you this question on Facebook for a chance to win your choice of blend from our Travel Well Trio –  #14 Immunity #17 Digest or #18 Sleep!

We had a blast reading the answers! Your dream vacations ran the gamut from tropical getaways to historical tours, family fun to romantic rendezvous.


Here are some of your fantasy vacations we’d love to go on (+ the contest winner!):


Diane: My ultimate vacation is to visit Japan. I admire the way that history and modern life blend together seamlessly, and how nature and traditional are respected and revered. There are so many parks, and sanctuaries, and temples that I would definitely have to visit. Maybe even meet a Geisha! Also, I have always wanted to see the cherry blossoms in bloom in the spring, and the leaves change colors in the fall. That would be amazing.

Carole: A trip to the Galapagos to see the beautiful islands, the unreal wildlife of all kinds and just enjoy and be thankful for the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

Pam: A getaway to a island in the Maldives/ Dominica and nestled away in a villa surrounded by water. #relaxation, #ohnaturalaromatherapy #ultimategetaway

Joanna: A cruise on a private yacht to islands in the Caribbean, diving for lobster and drinking champagne!

Isabella: My ultimate vacation would be the ultimate candy themed vacation! First stop at Hershey’s in Hershey PA and enjoy all the chocolate I can possibly consume. Then to Candylicious in Dubai for all the hard-to-find candy I can eat. Then back to PA for Daffin’s candy store, the countries largest candy store for all the sweet-treats I can stuff in my suitcase. Then finally to the Chicago convention center for the annual candy convention where all the newest and greatest candies are debuted for the most hardcore candy lovers (like myself). Candy, candy, candy. That’s my ultimate dream vacation!!!!

Kristi: I would love to go to Germany with my Dad and see the places he was while he served in the Army

De’Anna: Take me to the Down-Under(Australia)! Would love to see kangaroos, wallabies and koalas. And hello Sydney Opera House!

Laurie: I would take my daughter and granddaughter to Ireland to find out about our heritage.


The Cary Diaries: Part II – Wining and Dining

July 10th, 2013

We’re taking a peek into Cary Caster’s travel diary. And as the founder of 21 Drops, Cary brings her essential oil therapy along for the ride.

(If you missed it, catch up with Day 1 of Cary’s trip here!)

A new day of adventures in Spain!

Day 2

6:15 am

I’m tempted to sleep in, but our agenda today is jam-packed. We have so much more of this gorgeous country to see!

9:30 am

We take a tour at the Marques de Riscal winery. The 150-year old winery in the Rioja wine region produces some of the most extraordinary wines on the planet! My favorite – a dry red from 2005.

3:15 pm

As we learn more about the art and science of wine distillation, I am struck at how similar it is to working with essential oils. Both processes are thousands of years old and require the utmost care for a quality result. There are drugstore wines or award-winning ones – it all depends on the fine-tuned attention involved in every step of the way. It’s the same with essential oils. I have always put my heart and soul into assuring the utmost quality of the essential oils in 21 Drops to guarantee a high level of effectiveness.

7:40 pm

Did I mention today is my birthday? We enjoy a celebratory dinner at the winery’s restaurant. Headed by Michelin-starred chef Francis Paniego, our four-course meal was a gourmand’s dream! Needless to say I have my 04 Hangover and  17 Digest in hand for post-birthday blowout damage control!

Local grilled goat cheese with sautéed fungi salad. Out-of-this-world delicious!


Chao for now,



The Cary Diaries: Part I – Hola, España!

July 3rd, 2013

We’re taking a peek into Cary Caster’s travel diary. And as the founder of 21 Drops, Cary brings her essential oil therapy along for the ride.

Today is her first day in Spain:

7:00 am

Good morning, Madrid!

I can’t say I feel perfect after our 10-hour flight last night, but rolling on my favorite travel blends certainly helped. I use 14 Immunity every time I fly to protect against international germs and to make sure I stay healthy. I want to take advantage of every second in this beautiful country!

8:00 am

My husband, Rick, and I head to a nearby café to start the day off with a light breakfast. It’s 2:00 am our time and I’m struggling to stay awake. I ask the waiter for a café solo, and quickly change it to a doble. I’m thinking of requesting a café triple, but instead reach for my 01 Invigorate blend to keep me energized and ready to tackle today’s nonstop touring.

9:00 am

Today is all about art. Spain is home to many legendary artists like Picasso, Goya and Velázquez. We’re starting off with a visit to the Prado museum to check out their superb collection of classic paintings and sculpture.

1:00 pm

After hours of viewing art inside, we decide to spend some time taking a stroll outdoors. We feast our eyes on breathtaking Spanish gardens and magnificent old world architecture.

Just one example of the exquisite architecture throughout the city

3:00 pm

We’re compelled to check out the Reina Sofia – Madrid’s museum of modern art. Seeing famous works of Spanish masters Picasso and Dalí in person is such an inspiring experience.

7:30 pm

An informative (and extremely delicious) tapas and wine pairing tour. Of course, we both need our 17 Digest and 04 Hangover blends before turning in for the night!

We couldn’t get enough of these gourmet tapas — or 17 Digest!

10:20 pm

We wrap up the evening by watching a beautiful Flamenco performance. A perfect end to a perfect day. We’re exhausted.

Til tomorrow,