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Show Us Your Drops: Our May Winner

May 31st, 2013

Each month we’re giving away a full-sized blend in our Show Us Your Drops contest.

Check out some of the totally fun and creative entries we received this month (+ see the winner for May below!)

And the May Show Us Your Drops winner is… Kelsey Robin! (@kelseyrobin on Instagram) Congrats – let us know which 21 Drops blend you choose!

“My three favorite things”

Do you want to win a Free Full Sized Blend?!

This is an ongoing monthly contest; so start snapping away for your chance to win in June.

For contest rules click here.


What Would you Do With an Extra Fix of “Focus”?

May 22nd, 2013

“What Would you Do With an Extra Fix of Focus?”

Our Facebook fans shared some powerful responses as to how they would incorporate a boost of Focus into their daily lives.

Just a few of the creative ways you would use 09 Focus blend: (+ the lucky winner of a mini Focus rollerball!)

Lesakim –  With extra fix of Focus, I would be able to work on de-cluttering our home, still not finished after Katrina 2005, get down to my goal weight by walking and eating healthy!

Ashley – I would finish editing the book that I hope to begin my writing career with, work on my blog, keep training for a 5k, and finish the home school year strong with my two rowdy boys!

KarenI would show my boss what I am truly made of!

AlissaMy homework with 3 noisy kids!

KasiWith an extra fix of focus I could continue to conquer housework, taking care of my one year old and going to school full time… all with a broken foot! I would much prefer essential oils to the awful pain pills that modern medicine focuses on!

JasminI would start to take the time for myself and stop worrying about being single!!

Danielle I’d stop taking adderall for school, And try out the 21 Drops way!

Marjorie –  I’d finally fill in the college and financial aid forms so that I can begin Act II of my life as a grandmother of two. I want to inspire them to be lifelong learners!



5 Ways to Get Moving for Summer

May 20th, 2013

 Kickstart your summer workout routine with these 5 simple tips to get up and running fast!

1. Grab a buddy. Establishing an exercise partner will give you the accountability and the support you need to stick with a workout regimen. That perfect “buddy” could be anyone – your best friend, your canine pal, or even a vial of our 19 Will Power to carry with you on your 5k – remember to apply as necessary!

2. Treat yourself. Put a reward system in place to get motivated and stick with it. Give yourself an at-home spa treatment, purchase a new pair of earrings or buy yourself some flowers for every week that you maintain your desired activity level. The key here is to make it something that will drive you to finish the workout.  Anything goes; but please steer clear of any motivational tool that resembles a pint-of-Haagen-Dasz…

3. Work hard, play harder. Instead of forcing yourself to do endless miles on the treadmill, find a form of exercise you love and you’ll be much more likely to stick with it.  Try a hike in the woods, a round of tennis or just pop in a yoga DVD in the comfort of your living room. The goal is to get your body moving – gym membership or not!

4. Clear your calendar. Set a time for your workout and let nothing else intrude. Whether it’s 30 minutes twice a week, or an hour each day, make your designated exercise time sacred. Keep that appointment like you would any other.

5. Object-ify. Sometimes you just need a little swag to get yourself up and running. Whether it’s designer yoga pants, a pink set of hand weights or a pretty little vial of aromatherapy (we recommend 01 Invigorate), get yourself a talisman to help you get active.

Tell us, what’s your preferred form of exercise?

Mother’s Day “Inspire” Contest Winners

May 12th, 2013

Moms: They love us, they support us, and most of all — they INSPIRE us.

We received some of the loveliest, most heartwarming stories of inspiring moms for our Mother’s Day facebook contest. All of your endearing Mother’s Day messages touched our hearts deeply. We feel every mother should be celebrated, not only today, but everyday! And today – everyone’s a winner! We’ll be sending all of the participants a #12 Uplift mini-rollerball as a token of our appreciation for the inspiration you have given us.
Thank you all for sharing your stories.

Kristi: My mom is the sweetest, most inspiring woman ever. She truly brings the sunshine everywhere she goes. I have no idea what I would do without her constant encouragement, love and wisdom… The travel well trio would have come in handy on her last vacation… 😉

Carolee: My mom has inspired me by showing me that it’s never too late… She joined the national guard at 34 years old, went back to college at 48 and now at 54 she is finishing up her Doctorate! Through it all she’s taken care of my father when he almost died, kept our family strong and instilled the courage in us to never give up, no matter what!

Barbara: My Mom on her (last) birthday in April 2010. She passed away the 26th of December that year (she was very sick with cancer) I miss her every day.

Christina Therese: My mom is the reason I am who I am today! She was my best friend, my biggest fan, and she showed me the meaning of unconditional love. She passed away at 49 years old in 2004 from ovarian cancer and every single day since then has been difficult for me. She is a constant inspiration to me… I strive to be the type of person she would have been proud of.

Gina: I love Essential Oils. And I loved my beautiful Mother.
My mother, passed in July of 2012… I visited her every day… A lot of people would tell me I went to the nursing home too much. My response to them:  “if the tables were turned and it was me – she would be there for me.” My mother, even though she is no longer here, continues to inspire me to be always a compassionate human being

And the grand prize winner of a 21 Inspire blend…

Robin: Blood may be thicker than water, but its consistency is irrelevant when it comes to matters of the heart. My mom’s heart is great enough to include those of us to whom blood holds no obligation. Her inner strength and resiliency have seen our family through trials I cannot begin to describe. Her capacity for caring and thoughtfulness humble me. I can only aspire to have a home one day that is as warm and welcoming as hers; she opened her home and her heart to this wandering gypsy and gave me my first taste of roots. I am inspired by her on a daily basis.

To all those inspiring moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day from 21 Drops!

A Mother’s Day Message + WIN 21 Inspire!

May 10th, 2013

Moms: They love us, they support us, and most of all — they INSPIRE us.

To her daughters, Cary Caster, 21 Drops founder, is first and foremost an inspiring mom.

Here they share a heartfelt Mother’s Day message.

Our mother, Cary, is an incredible woman. All that she is and does is an absolute inspiration to us. She is loving, tender, and selfless.

We are forever grateful that our loving mom taught us the proper way to approach health and wellness. Her passion for essential oil therapy is deeply rooted in a desire to heal, educate, and inspire others to embrace a more natural, healthy way of living.

 Her passion for healthy living has taught us to respect nature, care for the environment and our be attuned to our bodies. Thanks Mom!!!

— Jennah and Lana