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Show Us Your Drops: Our April Winner

April 30th, 2013

Each month we’re giving away a full-size blend in our Show Us Your Drops contest.

Check out some of the totally fun and creative entries we received this month (+ see the winner for April below!)

And the April Show Us Your Drops winner is… Shauna Mork! (@DarkSparkle on Instagram) Congrats – let us know which 21 Drops blend you choose!

“As Americans we will stay strong and carry on! Sending love and light to all my fellow Americans in these strange times!”

Do you want to win a Free Full Sized Blend?!

This is an ongoing monthly contest; so start snapping away for your chance to win in May.

For contest rules click here.


An Awesome Tree Trek for Arbor Day

April 26th, 2013

Maple, oak, pine. The trees we see everyday are fantastic. But there’s nothing like the exotic to make us appreciate the commonplace.

In honor of Arbor Day, we’re showing off 7 of the most strange, spectacular and stunning trees we’ve ever seen!

The Octopus tree. Nuff said.

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

This “Needle and Thread” tree was shaped by horticulturist Axel Erlandson in the 1940’s.

photo credit: Richard Reames

This uniquely shaped Madagascar Baobab tree is also known as the upside-down tree, monkey bread tree and bottle tree.

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


This bark of this surreal Rainbow Eucalyptus sheds at different times, exposing a bright green inner bark, which matures and changes to give the tree its distinctive colorful signature.

photo credit: Forrest and Kim Star

This curious evergreen tree, which grows bulbous brown fruits, is aptly named the Cannonball tree.

photo credit: Drew Avery

Native to South America, the Blue Jacaranda is fully embellished with the most magnificent violet blooms.

photo credit: Frank Reyes

The Tree of Life stands in the heart of Bahrain’s desert. This wonder of nature is over 400 years old and is the only tree in this area — it mysteriously survives in a place completely free of water supply.

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


Which of these marvelously bizarre trees is your favorite?

#21DropsAtTSQ + a Special Offer!

April 22nd, 2013

21 Drops has officially landed on the bright lights of Broadway!



Today, April 22 we’re throwing a megawatt launch celebration to mark our new partnership with Sephora Times Square.
And we’re giving away a blooming gift of nature to anyone who stops by.
Can’t make it? Don’t fret! Our next 50 customers to make a purchase on will receive a drop-shaped wildflower seedling paper in their order. Make your purchase while supplies last

If you can’t celebrate with us, follow this exciting event on Twitter right here!

p.s.  Happy Earth Day! Don’t forget our Earth Month special offers.

Receive a FREE 12 Uplift mini rollerball with a purchase of any of our green blends: 10 Calm, 11 De-stress, or 12 Uplift.
Plus, we’ll donate 21% of all the proceeds from sales of our 06 Passion blend to the International Sandalwood Foundation. Find out more.

Both offers end April 30.

Friend a Flower: Meet Geranium, Bold and Beautiful

April 17th, 2013

We took you through some breathtaking Italian gardens in our celebration of Earth Month.

However, nature isn’t just a pretty face.

Plants and flowers have a strength and purpose beyond their external loveliness.

So come join us. We’re digging deeper to discover the allure in flowers beyond the petals.

May we introduce a powerful new friend… Geranium.















What is it?

Geranium is a five-petaled flower that is beloved around the world. Grown in a variety of bright colors, geranium is one of the most prolific plant species.  More than 700 varieties are grown worldwide – and for good reason! Its bold, beautiful and its floral aroma is heavenly. Oh, and its essential oil can work miracles!



What does it do?

Geranium essential oil has many treasured therapeutic properties. It can reduce stress, fight against depression and correct hormonal imbalances. Geranium also heightens imagination and intuition, and promotes security and stability.


Where can I get it?

Find it in  02 PMS Relief, 04 Hangover, 16 The Change, 19 Will Power.


Tell us, what’s your favorite flower? We might even write a blog on it…



Going Green + Grab a Green Sample!

April 15th, 2013

The grass is greener on our side.  


Going Green

This verdant color is nature’s way of saying “relax“.

The color green is grounding. It creates comfort, diminishes depression, and helps us heal.

Like a walk in the park.

Our 21 Drops green blends capture the best of green in a little vial. 10 Calm helps you unwind,  11 De-stress takes the edge off and 12 Uplift helps shake the blues to put a smile on your face.

Grab a green sample!

In honor of Earth Month, we’re giving away sample vials of our 11 De-stress. What’s more… one lucky winner will be chosen to receive a 12 Uplift mini rollerball.

To qualify, just leave a comment telling us what you do to be “green”.

Giveaway ended on April 17. Thanks to everyone who participated. Keep up with our blog for more chances to win!

Liquid Gold – An Endangered Species

April 13th, 2013

Leopards, elephants and other wild animals are not the only endangered species.

Greed, corruption and exploitation are endangering one of the world’s most precious plant species: sandalwood.

We have to help.

Sandalwood essential oil, or “liquid gold”, is extracted from the sandalwood tree. It is one of the most prized essential oils in the world due to its potent therapeutic properties and coveted sweet, woody fragrance.

But the extreme value of this warm, enveloping essential oil make it a target for heavy exploitation and endangerment. Threatened by illegal poaching and plundering of baby sandalwood trees in India, as well as unsustainable growth and cutting practices, this beautiful fragrant wood is in danger — but there is a way to help.

21 Drops is committed to providing a safe environment for sandalwood to grow and continue to provide its cherished essential oil for us as well as future generations. We source all of our high-quality sandalwood essential oil using sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.

This charitable organization is dedicated to the conservation of sandalwood through education, research and sustainable harvesting programs.

Our 06 Passion blend fuses the 100% natural essential oils of ethically-sourced sandalwood as well as jasmine, rose and cardamom to promote enthusiasm, exploration and an appetite for life.

To help save this precious resource — and embrace your inner fire — purchase 06 Passion now.


Brighter Days

April 12th, 2013

Find your place in the sun.

Brighter Days

Need extra energy? Well hello, yellow.

This sultry shade stimulates your mind and body. Yellow is cheerful, perky and optimistic. Golden tones lighten your loads and brighten your burdens.

Our 21 Drops yellow blends capture the best of yellow in a little vial. 06 Passion enhances your natural charisma,  07 Equalize brings balance to your being, and 08 Pain Relief cures what ails you.

Try them out and say “yes” to yellow.

Beautiful, Dreamy Gardens

April 10th, 2013

Where would you love to be most right now?


21 Drops is celebrating Earth Month – and with spring in full blossom, we can’t help but fantasize about visiting exotic gardens, verdant meadows and lush forests.

We’ve discovered some magical, artistic photos of beautiful Italian landscapes to Uplift your spirits and Inspire you!

These are so stunning, they may cause you to quit your day job, sell your house, and hop on the next plane to Venezia. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


 (All photos courtesy of Moyan Brenn)

Rose-Colored Lenses

April 8th, 2013

The world looks prettier in pink.

Rose-colored Lenses


This tranquil tone is filled with warmth, whim and true beauty.

Rosy-hues bestow a sense of peace, happiness and femininity. Pink is fashion’s darling, nature’s wink and the stuff of fantasy.

Our 21 Drops pink blends capture the best of pink in a little vial. 20 Abstain helps subdue constant cravings,  21 Inspire works to unlock and unblock your creative energy and 16 The Change renews and restores vitality during menopause.

Try them out and experience the power of pink.



What Can Blue do for You?

April 5th, 2013

We’ve got a blue crush.


Blue Crush


We’re craving this color for how it makes us feel; cool, calm and creative.

Cerulean, azure, periwinkle… whatever you call it, blue increases your productivity, invites tranquility and enhances imagination.

Our 21 Drops blue blends capture the best of blue in a little vial. 02 PMS Relief provides solace from monthly suffering, 03 Strength keeps up your confidence and 04 Hangover is a morning-after miracle.

Try them and see what blue can do for you.