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Show Us Your Drops: Our March Winner

March 31st, 2013

Each month we’re giving away a full-size blend in our Show Us Your Drops contest.

Check out some of the totally fun and creative entries we received this month (+ see the winner for March below!)

And the March Show Us Your Drops winner is… Meg Jones Wall! Congrats, Meg – let us know which 21 Drops blend you choose!

   “Photography takes passion – and some real willpower. If only you had a luck blend…”

p.s. This is an ongoing monthly contest; so start snapping away for your chance to win in April.

For contest rules click here.

What Would you Do With an Extra Dose of “Will Power”?

March 28th, 2013

“What Would you Do With an Extra Dose of Will Power?”

Our Facebook fans shared some powerful responses as to how they would incorporate a boost of Will Power into their daily lives.

Just a few of the creative ways you would use 19 Will Power blend: (+ the lucky winner of a mini Will Power rollerball!)

Sabrina –  I would exercise every day, no excuses!!

Maria – I would hike across the united states with my daughter and husband. Shore to shore!

Alaina – I need to lay off the cupcakes! Will Power could help me with my self control…

Shauna – I could use a extra dose on those days when I need to push through the pain of having a spine fusion, so that I can continue to be supermom to my lovely daughter.

Julie – I would start running! I used to run in high school and it made me feel so good. I’ve quit years ago, and now I need the will power to start again! For my health and mood. The first steps are the hardest ones.

Virginia – A little extra will power would come in handy testing for my black belt!!

Carrie – I would be certain that I could beat this cancer 110%!!

Congratulations, Ali! We hope you glean strength and fortitude from your new source of Will Power.

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A Taste of Spring!

March 28th, 2013

 Stop. Inhale. Transform.

Winter’s hibernation is officially over and it’s time to embrace the world.
Simply: Stop. Inhale. Transform.

This 21 Drops Spring Set bursts with color, with two mini-rollerballs of 100% natural essential oil blends.

10 Calm helps you unwind and diminish the drama so you can savor that beautiful day. 19 Will Power jumpstarts your drive and determination…and puts spring in your step. 

At $12.50 — this taste of 21 Drops packs a powerful punch.

Purchase this limited-edition set now! Note: Quantities are limited.

Drop of the Day: 19 Will Power

March 27th, 2013

Sometimes we need a little help staying on track…

In today’s Drop of the Day, Cary Caster, 21 Drops founder, fortifies herself against the threat of fast food on the go.


“This week the pressure is on. Numerous conferences, business meetings and round-the-clock travel are bringing me more stress than I’m equipped to handle! I’m tempted to stop for fast food to sub for a healthy dinner, but I remind myself of all the reasons I strive to stay healthy. I reach for my 19 Will Power blend to help stave off my cravings for junk food. A fusion of 100% natural cedarwood, ginger and geranium essential oils, Will Power is my go-to blend when I need to stay true to my inner granola goddess. Here’s to another win for the will!”



What would you do with an extra boost of Will Power?



“It’s All About Passion” at Sephora Times Square 3/28

March 26th, 2013

Sephora Times Square, NYC

1500 Broadway (between West 43rd & 44th Streets)

Thursday, March 28. 1-6 pm


Join our “It’s All About Passion” event. Flawless beauty starts with Passion. Learn more about achieving beauty inside and out at our partnership event with Clarins and Per-fekt Beauty. Sample products, learn how to achieve your personal passion and take home a special keepsake.

See you there!

“It’s All About Passion” at Sephora Caesar’s Palace 3/24

March 23rd, 2013

Sephora Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Sunday, March 24. 12-6 pm


Join our “It’s All About Passion” event at Sephora Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. Sample products, learn how to achieve your personal passion and take home a special keepsake.

See you there!

Join 21 Drops and Sephora in Supporting your Community

March 22nd, 2013


Come join 21 Drops on Saturday, March 23 at Sephora Times Square and Sephora Venetian. We’ll be there showing our support for local charities; stop by and learn how you can make a difference.


Sephora Times Square, NYC

1500 Broadway (between West 43rd & 44th Streets)

Saturday, March 23.


21 Drops will be at Sephora Times Square along with The National Bone Marrow Donor Foundation. Stop by to Join the Be the Match registry, get involved in their life-saving efforts, and “find your match” of the right essential oil blends to help you Feel better. Be better.


Sephora Venetian, Las Vegas

Saturday, March 23. 12-6 pm

21 Drops will be at the Sephora Venetian to support the local community and the Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas. Learn how you can get involved with this local non-profit and help give back, while discovering all your Passions with 21 Drops.


Design your Own Drops

March 21st, 2013

21 Drops are the building blocks. You be the architect.

21 Drops offers 21 different essential oil blends that can be layered and customized based on your needs. Each blend is a building block that can be used alone or in perfect sync with others in order to build that perfect prescription just for you.

Combine two or more 21 Drops blends to construct the solution that will make you feel right at home.

Here are some sample layering “blueprints” to get you started on customizing your own unique formula:


Have your own problem to solve? Ask Cary, 21 Drops creator, to create a personalized layering solution just for you.


We Asked, You Answered: Why Do You Need An Extra Dose of “Calm”?

March 20th, 2013

       “Why do you need an added dose of Calm in your life?”


We asked you this on Facebook and the feedback we received was overwhelming; in short, we are extremely touched by your compelling and passionate responses.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your personal stories.


Read below for just a small selection of the amazing comments we received on Facebook:



Redonna – Because I have wanted to give this a try on my oldest boy with Autism to see if it helps him calm and de stress! Then again, I guess I could use it too!

Carolee – Because I’m a newlywed, living with my in-laws while we build our house, going to school full time and raising a 7 year old. Calm is what I feel in the shower before I step out and get hit with my day 🙂

Julie – Because I would love to have it for unexpected moments of stress in my life, because you never know what’s coming. (Actually, I know exam session is coming, so yeah, I would need it for exam session!

Stephanie – I have a 14 month old – who’s teething molars. A husband who is out of town a lot. And a huge project at work which lasts 2 more weeks. My mantra: LET GO. LET GO. LET GO. But I could use a little help with the balance.
Virginia – By helping my clients achieve the state that I am modeling for them when using Calm. I am a massage therapist and aroma therapy affects everyone.
Sheri – Because my 7 month old still gets up every hour on the dot during the night, my 3 1/2 year old likes to climb out his window and sit on the porch roof in his superman undies, and my 5 year old is almost 6!
Tracy – I need Calm because I work 5 nights a week, I never see my husband, we have 2 daughters and I’m just getting over the flu!
Jessica – Because being a high school senior is stressful! College visits, scholarships, applications, oh my.
Heather – I’m a lawyer and I use Calm every day on my way to the office or court…it keeps me grounded.
3 lucky winners were chosen to receive a 10 Calm mini rollerball, and we randomly chose 10 more to receive a De-Stress prestige vial, too. “Like” us on Facebook for more opportunities to share and win!

Lucky Rollerball Giveaway for St. Patrick’s Day!

March 16th, 2013

This St. Patrick’s Day we’re diving into our pot of gold for our Lucky Rollerball Giveaway! You’ll receive one of these mini rollerballs FREE with any purchase made on March 17: 12 Uplift, 18 Sleep, 10 Calm or 19 Will Power. Try out your luck and see which color of the rainbow you’ll get!


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