12 Heathy Foods to Keep You Cool This Summer

July 8th, 2014

We all love summer, but the heat causes us to sweat more than usual. Because of this, it is more important than ever to make sure you get plenty of water to replenish the vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that are lost through perspiration.

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How you ask? Focus on eating foods rich in:

Sodium – The electrolyte that we lose the most when we sweat! While we usually try to keep our sodium intake low, now is the time to enjoy those summer pickles and marinated goodies from the fall harvest!

Chloride – The mineral we need to maintain our balance of body fluid. Make sure to eat natural sources, such as lettuce, celery and olives.

Potassium – Plays a big role in muscle contractions as well as cell and heart function. Bananas, sweet potatoes, leafy greens and avocados are great sources of potassium.

Calcium – Not only found in dairy products! Try eating leafy vegetables to keep fortified.

Magnesium – Helps fight fatigue. Whole grains, leafy vegetables and peanut butter can help give you that extra boost.


Still a little confused? Don’t worry! We’ve compiled an easy-to-follow grocery list with water-rich foods:

•  Broccoli

•  Cantaloupe

•  Celery

•  Coconut Water

•  Cucumbers

•  Grapefruit

•  Iceberg Lettuce

•  Radishes

•  Spinach

•  Strawberries

•  Tomatoes

•  Watermelon

Happy (and healthy) shopping!


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